Saturday, 20 October 2018


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To Behave Or Not Behave! 

That Is The Question!

I just spent two days at a Professional Development Conference to learn about autism and how to be a positive role model for children. I learned so much but given that this was over the span of two days, I cannot possibly relay everything to you. Therefore, I decided to discuss one main points that can be used across the board with student, at any given time, especially for those who have behavior problems or learning disabilities.

Please note that I am not insinuating that students who are autistic or who have learning disabilities also have behavior problems. In fact, many of these students tend to be model students. I want to share this with you because you can use this right away either in your classrooms with any student or during your homeschooling classes with your children.

One of the biggest words that I took away from this training was FUNCTION. When you have a child who is exhibiting inappropriate or according to the Zones of Regulation book, “unexpected” behavior, instead of going on the defensive, I want you to think about and ask the question “what is the function of the behavior?” In other words, “why is this behavior occurring?”
To really assess this question, it is important to think about the following: Is it because your child wants to “escape” from doing a difficult task? Does the child need either your attention or something tangible from you?

Sunday, 7 October 2018

My Story!

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My Voice ... Literally!!!

Hi! My name is Charlotte and I am a teacher and a lifelong learner. I am also the face behind Colourful Teaching For You. I decided to just speak out today because I find that a blog a lot by typing and disseminate information but I never actually speak to you. Therefore, I decided to try something different and created a mini movie.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Superpowers for Superheroes

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We Are All Superheroes!

My favorite superhero is without a doubt, Superman. I have watched every episode of The Adventures of Dean Cane and Lois Lane multiple times, along with all of the other movies and television shows that go along with it.